Grantseekers should first review the grant guidelines below to determine if their approach and funding needs are consistent with the Foundation’s interests, which are focused on advancing social equity in St. Cloud, MN, mitigating global warming in Minnesota, and addressing end of life issues in central Minnesota.

Please note that each of these three themes has its own application process and timetable.  

  • Social Equity –  Letters of Inquiry (LOIs) for the 2023 Winter/Spring grant cycle are due by January 13, 2023.  You can submit an LOI for our Social Equity program through our GivingData grant portal. Please click here to see what information is required to complete a Social Equity LOI.  You can read the Social Equity specific grant guidelines below
  • Global Warming – by invitation only. Please click here to see what information is required to complete a Global Warming Grant Application. You can read the Global Warming specific grant guidelines below.
  • End of Life – by invitation only. You can read the End of Life specific grant guidelines below.

If you are interested in learning more after reviewing the grant guidelines that follow or want to discuss a possible request, please contact the Program Officer for your area of interest: Anna Henderson for Global Warming, or Mary Madill for End of Life. You can contact the Foundation office for any inquiries regarding the Social Equity program.