Advancing social equity is one of our major grantmaking themes.  The Morgan Family has a long history of engagement with social equity issues, trying to make the world fairer and more inclusive. The Morgan Family Foundation seeks a just society in which all individuals have ample opportunity to thrive and outcomes are not determined by one’s heritage, physical characteristics, beliefs, residence or inclusion in any particular group. We aim to reduce or eliminate unfair differences among groups of people and we advocate for positive change in attitudes, practices and policies that leads to equitable outcomes. Geographically our focus is on central Minnesota.

The Morgan Family Foundation is proud to be advancing social equity in central Minnesota through grant support for these organizations in 2020, which totaled $868,017.


Amherst H. Wilder Foundation, St. Paul, MN – $80,000
for Minnesota Compass: Understanding Central MN Inequities Through Data

Avivo, Minneapolis, MN – $30,000
for St. Cloud Career Education

Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Minnesota, St. Cloud, MN – $60,000
for CareerSTART Workforce Development Program

Center for Victims of Torture, Waite Park, MN – $50,000
for CVT St. Cloud

CentraCare Health System, St. Cloud, MN – $59,280
for Improving Health and Social Equity for the Central Minnesota Latino Community (IHSE)

Child Care Choices, Inc. DBA Milestones, Waite Park, MN – $60,400
for Welcoming All Babies in Our Community

Council on American-Islamic Relations, Minnesota Chapter, Minneapolis, MN – $10,000
for Partners in Change: Building Resiliency Within St. Cloud’s Muslim Community

District 742 Local Education & Activities Foundation (LEAF), St. Cloud, MN – $41,000
for PAKCAT (Partners And Kids Counting Alot Together)

Ellison Center, St. Cloud, MN – $51,130
for Embedding Social Justice into Mental Health Services

Great River Educational Arts Theatre, Waite Park, MN – $25,000
for GREAT action on anti-racism commitment

Greater Minnesota Worker Center, St. Cloud, MN – $42,898
for Immigrant Workers, Meatpacking Plants, and COVID-19 Health Disparities

Greater St. Cloud Development Corporation, St. Cloud, MN – $50,000
for Shape Tomorrow: Cultivating a Diverse, Equitable & Inclusive Community

ISAIAH, St. Paul, MN – $50,000
for Building Resilience and Belonging in St. Cloud Through Multi-Racial Leadership Development

Mid-Minnesota Legal Assistance, St. Cloud, MN – $53,109
for Legal Aid/Promise Neighborhood Partnership

Planned Parenthood Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, St. Paul, MN – $25,000
for Building the Healthiest Generation in St. Cloud

St. Cloud Technical & Community College Foundation, St. Cloud, MN – $61,000
for Cultivating Community for Our Students:  Intercultural Leadership Development as a Transformative Tool for SCTCC Faculty & Staff

The Advocates for Human Rights, Minneapolis, MN – $12,000
for Supporting Asylum Seekers & Labor Trafficking Victims in St. Cloud

The Sanneh Foundation, St. Paul, MN – $40,000
for Dreamline Program – St. Cloud School District

The Yes Network, St. Cloud, MN- $50,000
for Disrupting Inequities Through Youth Leadership Development

WACOSA, Waite Park, MN – $17,200
for WACOSA’s Adaptive Media Project (AMP)