Lee Morgan is a native of Yellow Springs, Ohio where he was raised, educated and spent most of his working life as CEO of The Antioch Company until his retirement in June 2008. The Antioch Company was best known for its Creative Memories division. Since 2008 Lee and Vicki have made their home in Annandale, Minnesota. Lee and Vicki both are Antioch College graduates. Lee has served as a board member and officer in numerous corporations, both non-profit and for-profit.

In 2017 Lee organized a St. Cloud, Minnesota chapter of the Citizens’ Climate Lobby to tackle global warming.

Prior work experience includes stints as a traveling salesman, a department store Santa Claus, a volunteer for two years in rural South India, a government bureaucrat, and a volunteer with UNICEF in Thailand. For fun Lee is a soccer referee and occasional soccer player with the geriatric set.