Vicki Morgan and Greg Gack of the St. Cloud Area YMCA

A Private Family Foundation for Charitable Giving

Lee and Vicki Morgan established the Morgan Family Foundation in 2003 as a vehicle for family philanthropy.

The Foundation awards grants for charitable purposes, primarily in Yellow Springs, Ohio and St. Cloud, Minnesota. Foundation giving totaled over $2 million in 2020.

Statement Regarding George Floyd

Here we go again.  Another instance of police brutality against a person of color.  The senseless killing of George Floyd, a handcuffed Black man, by a Minneapolis police officer while three other officers stood witness, is our current tragedy.  We, the board and staff of the Morgan Family Foundation, mourn with his family, his friends, the Black community, and all people of conscience.  The despair, the grief, the rage – they are all real, they are all legitimate.  But now, channeling our energies – including our impulses to violence and destruction – to a higher purpose is the way forward.

Let us come together, regardless of the color of our skin – or any other trait that can be used to divide us, and speak with a unified voice.  Let us form one chorus, woven of the richly textured fabric of diverse lived experiences and shared aspirations.  Let’s work toward a future, sooner rather than later, in which all individuals can thrive and a country can heal.  We seek justice, equity, and peace – and denounce violence in all its forms.  This is hard work, as we know.  While racism is allowed to fester, we will all continue to suffer.  Each of us, especially those who benefit from white privilege, is called to act.  There is no “innocent” bystander – we must change the culture of anti-Blackness, racism, and intolerance of differences. We must demand of ourselves and each other real and lasting change.

George Floyd’s death is a poignant reminder of how much work there is yet to do to dismantle racism and other systemic inequities in our country.  Earlier this year, the Morgan Family Foundation approved its first round of grants as part of our new social equity focus in St. Cloud.  While we have funded many projects over the years that aimed to address disparities for various disadvantaged groups, we believe that a more deliberate effort is warranted, in central Minnesota and the rest of the country as well.  We will continue to address systemic inequities through this new grant program, which we aim to grow in coming years.   We also invite dialogue and partnership to help reduce these disparities in marginalized communities, especially with individuals of color and organizations led by them.  We clearly have much work ahead of us.  We aim to remember and honor you, George Floyd, in the work we do every day.

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The Morgan Family Foundation has consciously chosen throughout its history to use a local community focus – on Yellow Springs, Ohio and St. Cloud, Minnesota – as the primary venue to achieve its mission.
While the Foundation supports a variety of charitable program areas, significant grants in 2019 supported Antioch College and the United Way of Central Minnesota for its Housing First Initiative.


Pie Chart showing grants paid in 2019 by category

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Nine individuals provide the governance for the Foundation, including both family and non-family members. They request that questions about the Foundation be directed to the staff.