Vicki Morgan and Greg Gack of the St. Cloud Area YMCA

A Private Family Foundation for Charitable Giving

Lee and Vicki Morgan established the Morgan Family Foundation in 2003 as a vehicle for family philanthropy.

Based in Yellow Springs, Ohio, the Foundation seeks to advance the human condition by awarding grants for charitable purposes, mostly around social equity in St. Cloud, Minnesota; global warming in Minnesota; and end-of-life issues in central Minnesota.  Foundation giving totaled over $2 million in 2020.

Leaders Committed to Place Equity

The following statement beginning in the middle column was published in the St. Cloud Times on April 17, 18, and 19, 2021 in the wake of the killing of Daunte Wright. We are proud to have been included as one of over 60 signatories and to reaffirm our commitment to social equity in Minnesota.

The verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial, announced shortly thereafter on April 20, gives us hope that justice is possible.  However, we recognize there is a long road still ahead. Recent events remind us that a new era of justice is not at hand.  We must work work collectively and unrelentingly for equity.

To read our prior statement regarding George Floyd, as well as a list of grants made to advance social equity in St. Cloud, click here.

We are living in troubling times and once again we are faced with the uncomfortable reality that change is difficult to achieve. Another African American male has lost his life. While this event didn’t happen in our community, we’re not immune from its implications.

We are compelled to ask many questions. How did this happen? Could it have been prevented? What should we do now? What can we do now? These are questions that arise naturally in tragedy, and in the absence of a plan, they speak to a greater question… Why?

Many of us are in pain, many of us are conflicted, many of us are angry, many of us are tired. But, together we remain committed to securing a deeper understanding of the problem and creating solutions that lift us all. Our call to action is to ask the right questions, find the right answers, and change despite the discomfort it might cause. We’ve done much, but we know it’s not enough.

What will we do?

Action Step 1 – Create a Safe Space for Brave Conversations

Create a space (virtual or in-person) where youth, friends, family, or neighbors can share what they are feeling and support one another.

Action Step 2 – Place Based Equity/Anti-racist Interventions

• In 10 days, we are going to assemble and communicate a comprehensive list of equity/anti-racist programs and events that are currently happening and/or planned in the near future in Central Minnesota to show that sustained work of meaningful change is occurring right now in our area.

• We will convene again to find the gaps in the current and/or planned offerings and strategize solutions to fill those gaps. We will welcome feedback.

This is our community! We have all the talent and expertise needed to bring about and maintain substantive change for our children and families. We sign this letter to indicate that we are dedicated to the success of all in OUR COMMUNITY and we commit to the work of making it happen.

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The Morgan Family Foundation has consciously chosen throughout its history to use a local community focus – on Yellow Springs, Ohio and St. Cloud, Minnesota – as the primary venue to achieve its mission.
While the Foundation supports a variety of charitable program areas, significant grants in 2019 supported Antioch College and the United Way of Central Minnesota for its Housing First Initiative.


Pie Chart showing grants paid in 2019 by category


Foundation Staff

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Nine individuals provide the governance for the Foundation, including both family and non-family members. They request that questions about the Foundation be directed to the staff.