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Inquiry deadline:
May 24
St. Cloud Initiative How to Apply

The process of applying for funding through this initiative uses our customary online eGrant system in a two-stage process, which begins with interested organizations submitting a Letter of Inquiry (LOI) at http://morganfamilyfdn.egrant.net. You can log on using your existing eGrant account, or create a new account if you donít have one already. Letters of inquiry are due no later than May 24.

Foundation staff will contact each applicant within three weeks after the letter of inquiry deadline to either decline or invite a full application, which is also submitted online. An invitation to submit a full application is no guarantee of a grant. The Foundation will inform all applicants of final grant decisions in mid- to late-August. Key deadline dates follow.

Steps in Grant Process Due Date
Grantseeker submits letter of inquiry (LOI) by May 24, 2017
Foundation invites or declines full proposal by

June 9, 2017

Grantseeker submits full proposal by July 7, 2017
Foundation notifies applicant of grant decision by August 18, 2017

Having a narrower focus for our grantmaking in St. Cloud is a bit of an experiment for us, so we donít know exactly what to expect in terms of the potential magnitude of grant requests. We are trying to be flexible and open to what we may learn along the way. While we intend this to be a two-year initiative, it is possible that we might commit both years of funding through this one cycle if there are strong multi-year requests. Or, we might have another grant application opportunity in 2018, but we are waiting to set any future due dates until we make final grant decisions for this cycle in August 2017.


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