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The Antioch School
The Antioch School in Yellow Springs offers alternative education for nursery through sixth grade in a child-centered curriculum.

The Morgan Family Foundation is a private family foundation based in Yellow Springs, Ohio and funded in December 2003 by Lee and Vicki Morgan. The mission of the Morgan Family Foundation is to be a vehicle of change by:
broadening horizons and inspiring action through the power of education and experiential learning;
building stronger, more inclusive communities; and
providing opportunities to those willing to enact positive change in themselves or the world around them.

The Morgan Family Foundation invests its grant resources in nonprofit partners that are:
preparing individuals to serve and lead the community;
building healthy relationships in all kinds of families; and
triggering bold, collaborative community projects.

Areas of Interest

The Foundation’s foremost interest is in strengthening communities. Foundation grants primarily serve the communities of Yellow Springs, Ohio and St. Cloud, Minnesota, and their immediate vicinities. In addition, other communities and organizations that are supported by board and family members may receive grants from time to time.

Due to other grant commitments in Yellow Springs, the Foundation currently is accepting unsolicited grant requests only from the St. Cloud area.

The Foundation awards approximately $2.0 million in grants each year, with the vast majority of that sum distributed through the competitive grant process described below. The major components of the annual competitive grants budget include:
Program, Capital and Operating Grants: The Foundation welcomes grant requests in the $10,000-100,000 range to support innovative program initiatives, capital requests, or operating needs.
Large Grants: We also welcome grant requests in the $50,000-200,000 range to launch significant community collaborations and serve as challenge grants.
Major Initiatives: From time to time the Morgan Family Foundation will identify one or two major initiatives that will strengthen communities. Efforts to date have included community visioning and planning for a performing arts center in Yellow Springs, as well as the re-opening of an independent Antioch College.
Capacity Building: Grant resources are available to invest in efforts to enhance the management and governance performance of charitable organizations in Yellow Springs, Ohio and St. Cloud, Minnesota, and their immediate vicinities.
New: Advocacy: While the Foundation is prohibited from lobbying, we will consider funding permissible advocacy activities such as public education campaigns on a given topic, nonpartisan analysis study or research, training for nonprofits on how to engage effectively in advocacy, educating public policy makers on various issues, and nonpartisan election-related activity.

The Foundation is willing to accept requests for any type of grant, such as operating, program or project, start-up, capital/endowment, technical assistance, etc. With a primary interest in strengthening communities, the Foundation recognizes that this can be accomplished via many fields of programmatic interest. The Foundation welcomes collaboration with other grantmakers and favors grantseekers with multiple sources of support.

Limitations on Grantmaking

The Morgan Family Foundation awards the vast majority of its grants to charitable, nonprofit organizations that are recognized by the IRS as 501(c)(3) public charities. Occasionally grants may be made to units of government. If a charitable project is being undertaken by an entity that does not have 501(c)(3) status, please contact the Foundation for eligibility. Generally, the Foundation will not:
make grants to individuals or for the benefit of pre-selected individuals
provide funds to lobby legislation or influence public elections
support animal rights or animal welfare causes
promote any particular religious doctrine
serve as replacement funding for public programs
finance medical research

For information on deadlines and how to apply for a grant, please click here. For a printer-friendly version of our Grant Guidelines and How to Apply, click here.


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